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New Property Australia have numerous key relationships with different apartments developers and builders across Australia, allowing us to have access to the latest and most in-demand developments for our clients.

About Apartments Property

A well-chosen apartment property can be a great investment opportunity or a great place to live. An apartment is self-contained housing located within a larger building and is generally found within higher density areas such as inner-city or city limits.

Apartments can offer a number of advantages to both investors and owner-occupiers.

Investing in Apartments Property

New Property Australia has numerous key relationships with different apartment developers and builders across Australia, allowing us to have access to the latest and most in-demand developments for our clients. 

We carefully select our apartment offerings against strict research and selection criteria and ensure that they meet good investment fundamentals such as Capital Growth drivers, current and planned new amenities, planned infrastructure and expansion, favourable supply and demand statistics, economic and employment figures. 

We offer a range of different apartment opportunities across different cities and states of Australia which enables the development of a diversified investment property portfolio. 



Apartments Property Advantages:

  • Apartments by their very nature are found within proximity to built-up areas and therefore often have several key amenities close by.

  • Body corporates generally offer an opportunity for low maintenance, taking care of common areas and shared facilities.

  • Amenities and shared facilities can be an attractive feature for both owner-occupiers and investors alike.

  • The generally small size of apartments can mean lesser fees associated with rates, heating and cooling, and other utilities.

  • Single-contract purchases for apartments allows them to be eligible for purchase in a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

property factors:

  • Location: This is a very important factor. You should avoid an apartment located in areas with over supply, and where there is a demand for this type of property close to key amenities.

  • Access: Ideally it should be possible to walk to key amenities, such as transport, shopping restaurants, employment etc. Consider what a tenant may be looking for and what they would want to be within close walking distance to.

  • Boutique Offerings: Boutique developments can be a better investment than very large buildings as they limit the supply side of the demand supply equation.

  • Size: You must carefully consider the size of the property. Banks may not be keen to finance very small apartments.

Your Apartment Investment Decision

A consideration key when looking for an apartment is the supply of similar property types available currently, and what may be planned. 

Whilst it can be a little difficult to know exactly what may be developed too far down the track, it is possible to do some town planning research to look at the approvals in the area. This can be an important part of your due diligence as if new large apartment buildings get developed in close proximity to an apartment that you own, this can have an immediate effect on property values.

On top of the area and location research, there are some important factors which you should keep in mind when you are selecting an apartment.

  • Floor Level: This is an important factor for apartments located in high buildings and can affect the views and accessibility.

  • Orientation: Apartments that are North Facing and located away from the road seems to be popular.

  • Outlook: Whilst this can be a little harder to judge before an apartment is built, these days there is often drone footage or image renders to guide you. An attractive view can be a desirable rental and selling point, and has proven an important factor for rentability and saleability to young professionals in inner city areas.

  • Bedrooms and Floor space: This needs to be considered based on your own circumstances for an owner occupier, and the demand from renters and purchasers if you are an investor.

  • Target Rental Market: Is the type of apartment, weekly rental amount, number of bedrooms, floor space etc. appropriate for the target rental market in the area?

  • Parking: Is there adequate parking with the apartment. Is there visitor parking located within the building or close by.

  • Body Corporate Costs and Strata Management Situation: It is important to establish what the estimated Body Corporate contributions will be; this can have a big impact on your potential cash-flow.

Property Investment Advise

If you would like any further information on investing in apartments. You can browse our successful stories on the Case Studies section for more research. If you’re interested in taking a step now, please feel free to send through an enquiry below and one of our expert property consultants can provide you with further guidance.

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New Property Australia have numerous key relationships with different apartments developers and builders across Australia, allowing us to have access to the latest and most in-demand developments for our clients.

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