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With property investment clients right across Australia, New Property Australia has developed a broed range of FAQs to help with the most common of challenges in property investment.
How Do you select the builders you work with?

We have had a long history in the industry and have built up a good network of reliable well priced builders that specialise in the type of construction we require. We undertake careful due diligence on each builder that we work with. We select builders based on their ability to meet our quality standards, pricing, contract types, and building timeframes.

What types of properties are you able to source?

We have an extensive network of builders, developers, agents, and property professionals that allows us to source all types of new residential property.

Can you help us with a development project?

Yes, we can. We can coordinate our team of development professionals to help you with a total solution from sourcing land through to completing and marketing your project.

Do you supply Property Investment Advice?

Yes, we do. Our team have qualified Property Investment Advisors who can provide you with a Statement of Property Investment Advice and an investment strategy to meet your desired outcome and risk profile.

What services do you provide?

From identifying a suitable investment strategy, sourcing suitable property, designing dwelling/s, tendering and engaging builders, referring to finance brokers and accountants, providing construction updates, arranging handover inspections and depreciation schedules and engaging property managers.

What experience do you have?

Our team members each have specialised skills and qualifications in their own areas of expertise. Where other specialised resources are required, they are outsourced from our network of other professional consultants.

Do you only supply investment properties?

We specialise in investment properties however due to our deep understanding of new property and construction we are also able to assist buyers who wish to purchase their own home whether that is a prebuilt dwelling or a standard home to be constructed or a custom design and build.

Can you help with Finance?

Yes, we can refer you to our team of finance brokers whom we have a long association with.

Can you help with my Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?

We can provide SMSF compliant property and refer you to accredited professionals if you have not already set up your fund or need advice about managing your own superannuation.

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