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New Property Australia is driven by customer experience, from the first moment a customer contacts us we are focused on excellence in customer experience. Our customer experience approach inspires customers to trust and engage with opportunities with which we present them. We uphold a customer experience charter, signed by all staff, that champions an innovative and energetic dialogue. We will always challenge our process and offering to drive the most compelling advice and support for our customers.

Glen Trafford

Stock & Contract Manager

From his early years Glen grew up with property and worked on weekends and holidays with his father as he bought old buildings and converted them into multiple tenancies. John, his farther was ahead of his time in the 1960’s and realised that high yielding properties in quality locations were desirable. He also realised that Principal & Interest mortgages were unnecessary as he would not be holding these properties long term so even though Interest Only loans were not available through Banks, he found that he could source loans through Solicitors funds. Later in life John regretted that he hadn’t realised the benefits of holding all of his properties long term. This was a valuable lesson to Glen.

Glen brings a wealth of experience and passion, with a solid knowledge of property investment and design of the built environment. Beginning his career as a Carpenter and Joiner, Glen has an extensive knowledge of Building, Development and Sales processes. Glen transitioned from Carpentry and Joinery and began working in new property sales in 1987 with a company that went on to become a large ASX listed development company in 1993. He co-founded the highly successful investment sales division of the company in 1991 and managed it through until late 1999. He then co-founded an award-winning Building, Development, Finance and Property Management company which specialised in new investment properties and educating clients in efficient ways of financing, holding and paying off their properties.

  • Qualified Carpenter and Joiner

  • Licenced Real Estate Agent (Qld)

  • Property Investment Advisor accreditation with PIAA

  • DFS A: Core Regulated Financial Services Knowledge

  • Nationally recognised qualifications in fibre composites from Partec Institute

Adrian Webberley

Senior Investment Advisor

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Marketing, Adrian began working in the financial planning industry.

From there he followed his passion for property and began working in the property development and property investment industry. Whilst working for a number of large ASX listed development companies, Adrian gathered key education and skills in developing high yielding and Capital Growth orientated property investment portfolios.

With diplomas in both financial planning and financial services, Adrian has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the property investment area. To further his knowledge of building and construction Adrian completed a double diploma in Building and Construction management and project management. As a Justice of the Peace Qualified, Adrian is committed to following the judicial and legal processes.

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Diploma of Financial Services (Fin Planning)

  • Diploma of Finance (F/MBM)

  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

  • Diploma of Building & Construction (Mgmt.)

  • Diploma of Project Management

  • Property Investment Advisor accreditation with PIAA

  • Licenced Real Estate Agent (QLD)

  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Matthew Ivers

Lending Manager & Property Investment Advisor

Matt started Vision in the year 2000 with David Lennox, after working in the media and marketing industry for over 10 years, culminating with a term working with a large mortgage firm.

The first 5 years of Vision saw Matt develop into one of the country’s leading finance brokers specialising in investment lending, which aided hundreds of Vision clients to develop their property investment strategies.

With Matt’s extensive experience in the investment property and finance space, these days his core role is as a property investment adviser for Vision. In this position, Matt works closely with and enables Vision clients to build property portfolios in order to achieve their financial objectives.

As a founding partner, Matt also continues to provide input into the management and the strategic direction of the business.

  • Accredited Property Investment Adviser with PIAA

  • Accredited Buyers Agent - Licence Number 20093786

  • FBAA Accredited Mortgage Consultant

  • Authorised Credit Representative

  • Cert IV Finance and Mortgage Broking

  • Diploma of Insurance Services, Finance, Banking & Credit Advice

Richard Jenkins

Town Planner and Designer

Richard is proficient in town planning, urban design, building design and design management with experience in civil and structural disciplines. With over twenty years in the industry, Richard’s experience covers a wide range of projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

This experience, as well as networking with key stakeholders, design consultants and other associated industry professionals, has given Richard a great advantage in developing a holistic approach to planning and design in open space and built environments.


  • Design management
  • ensuring deliverables and budgets are met in a timely manner experience with wide range of applications in the residential, commercial, industrial sector across multiple local governments
  • managing client and community relationships while maintaining quality standards research and prepare tailored, clear and concise due diligence advice
  • produce technically proficient and compelling development assessment advice
  • site investigations
  • develop a clear brief and design concept program that meets client’s expectations budgetary and time constraint

Richard is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and holds a QBCC building design licence.

  • Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning - QUT

  • Graduate Diploma in Urban Design (Distinction) - QUT

  • Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Architectural Technology)

  • Planning Institute Australia member 74431

  • QBCC Licence 645557 (Building Design)

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