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The experienced team at New Property Australia aims to make the complex Property Project Management process straight forward to everyday Australians. The New Property Australia team makes development possible by taking clients from the initial conception to the finished development project.

The development process, even a small scale one, is complicated and potentially more expensive than most people realise. Suppose you choose to work with inexperienced project managers and advisors; an investor could gain unnecessary costs and significant losses that could hinder the development project.

Investors may lose capital from additional Local Government Costs and Fees by not working with the right skilled professionals and contractors at competitive rates and not understanding the potential losses you may incur.

The New Property Australia development team can mitigate risk by discussing and explaining where risk and reward meet during your development project strategy and planning phase. By carefully undertaking successful research, the team can create new wealth and return value to investors, minimising negative impacts on people, investors and the environment. By undertaking a due diligence assessment, the team can gain more realistic timeframes for project milestones and processes, decreasing delays and cost blowouts to stake holders. The due diligence which the New Property team undertake is a risk management process designed to enable a potential investor to decide if they should proceed with a project.

Properties Project Management Process

New Property Australia is a multidisciplinary group that brings together individuals from many different backgrounds within the property development and real estate industry. From building, land development, town-planning, real estate, and large-scale subdivision backgrounds, the team at New Property Australia have the skills and expertise to provide the best possible advice and guidance for each client’s potential development.


The Property Project Management team has A Complex And Thorough Process For Each Development As Outlined Below:

Development Construction Cycle
Development Construction Cycle

High Yielding Development Options

There are many different scenarios and property development options that may be available to you. With the expert guidance and advice from the New Property consultants, you’ll be able to assess which is the most appropriate and achievable for your situation.
The team at New Property will guide you from the initial discussions all the way through to the finished product.

Outlined below are some examples of property developments that you may be able to undertake:

Development Feasibility

The expert New Property team can produce feasibility studies on each of the different scenarios, which may be open to you for your block of land. This involves analysing all of the various options and undertaking both quantitative and qualitative studies of each. This means that you will be able to make a well-informed decision on any development option before launching it.

Land Subdivision and block-splits

Your property may be eligible to be subdivided. This could be as simple as creating one additional block or redesigning the whole sight and creating several blocks. Each situation will differ and will need to be assessed by an expert New Property consultant to establish the site’s maximum profit potential. If you are looking at remaining in your house, you will need to consider how your lifestyle and property layout will be after the subdivision and proceed accordingly.

Development Applications for Townhouses

Several different options may be available with townhouse developments. You may be able to build a couple of townhouses and keep your existing home, or it may be more profitable to develop townhouses across the whole site. Suppose your area is eligible for townhouse development. In that case, one of the expert New Property consultants will be able to run through the different options and show you the additional growth and income potential of each choice.

Dual Occupancy and Auxiliary Dwellings

Dual Occupancy/auxiliary dwellings are a high yielding property investment option. Several different scenarios may be open to you, the homeowner. It may be possible to build a dual occupancy / auxiliary dwelling and receive an additional two sets of rent, or you may build just the auxiliary dwelling on your block and receive one additional rent. An auxiliary dwelling is a great investment option and one that is open to most landowners who are in a Council Area that allows for dual occupancy, as in many instances, there are no minimum block size restrictions.

Duplex Dwellings

Duplex dwellings offer an excellent way for an investor to create additional cash-flow and potential Capital Growth and provide the additional key advantage of additional dwellings of being able to be strata-titled. This enables an investor to sell off one half individually if they wished. This alternative could suit an investor looking at a shorter investment time frame with the ability to reduce debt in the short-term if required.

Have You Ever Wondered If You Can Develop Your Property?

You’ve no doubt wondered at some stage whether your property has any development potential. There are probably many unanswered questions: 

  • What is a subdivision?
  • Can I subdivide my block of land?
  • What is the subdivision process?
  • What are the costs for a subdivision?
  • Can I build townhouses on my block?
  • Can I strata-title my dwelling?
  • Can I turn my dwelling into a Duplex?
  • Can I build a secondary dwelling?
  • Can I build a Granny Flat? and the list goes on.

If you have a property and are interested in finding out if it has any development potential, please feel free to send through an inquiry, and one of our expert New Property consultants can guide you through the discovery process.

Project Management Case Studies

Banyo, Rooming House

In this New Property Australia Case Study A client was seeking their first investment and was looking for a high yielding property that would enable them to receive a positive cashflow.

Case Study Details

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