Micro Apartments Brisbane – Everything You Need To Know

Micro Apartments Brisbane

What Are Micro Apartments Brisbane?

Micro Apartments Brisbane are semi-self-contained rooms that form part of a Rooming House, boarding house, or co-living property. 

When we produce Rooming Houses, we set up each room as a micro apartment, making each room semi-self-contained. Each has a kitchenette, ensuite, bedroom area, lounge area, storage cupboards, etc. We also make them completely lockable from other rooms. 

Each micro apartment will have access to common areas such as a full kitchen area, laundry with two 10kg washing machines, and in some cases, shared external facilities. 

Micro Apartment Brisbane Floor Plan

Micro Apartment Brisbane Floor Plan

How Can You Build Micro Apartments in Brisbane?

The easiest and most attractive way to build micro apartments in Brisbane is through a Rooming House build. In Brisbane, the BCC allows for rooming houses to be developed on a standard residential lot and have five lettable rooms (mico-apartments), with a maximum of 5 unrelated parties, with a floor plan no larger than 300m2. 

See here for some further rules on Micro Apartments Brisbane.

Do Micro Apartments Brisbane Make A Good Investment?

Micro Apartments Brisbane, as part of a Rooming House, makes a fantastic investment when an expert team has put them together. Micro Apartments offer a unique opportunity and are arguably one of the better high-yield property investments available. A key advantage of micro apartments is the high rents that can be achieved by letting out five separate spaces in one property. A Rooming House generally provides a far higher yield than what a typical investment home would achieve in the same location. 

Numerous advantages make micro apartments in Brisbane a great investments opportunity:

  • There is a massive demand for the rooms, which are often wholly rented within a few days.
  • There is an excellent range of young professional tenants applying for these rooms.
  • Due to the levels of fixtures and fittings, huge tax depreciation benefits are also available.
  • Through having five separate leases, if one person moves out, there are still up to four rents coming in until a suitable replacement is found.
  • Often only one set of rates is payable.
  • In most instances, no Development Application (DA) is required.
  • A comparable apartment development would incur massive fees and time delays and would be a far more complex investment proposition for a lower yield.

Micro Apartments Brisbane: Where Can They Be Built?

Rooming Houses can be built on most low-density residential blocks of land in the Brisbane City Council Area. This means that suburbs in the outer parts of Brisbane offer great opportunities for Micro apartments. However, as with any build, each block of land needs to be assessed for the restraints and nuances that it may have, and it’s best to come up with a design specific to the block. 

What Inclusions Are Best For Micro Apartments

We have refined this product over several years with the designs and the inclusions to ensure that it is as attractive to potential tenants as possible. In addition, we have extensively consulted with our experienced and knowledgeable property managers to put together a specification list that attracts a high yield without capitalizing. 

The front doors to our rooming houses and each of the internal unit doors have a smart electronic lock that is wifi, and blue tooth enabled. This allows the property manager to change the pin codes remotely if a tenant moves out. Thus always keeping the property safe for current tenants and minimizing any mucking around with multiple sets of keys.

The shared areas have a full kitchen and sitting area that the tenants can use if they want. This has complete inclusions such as stainless-steel appliances, although we have found that most tenants just use their kitchenettes. The laundry is fitted with two seven or 10-kg washing machines for tenants.

There is a Wifi System with and Wifi boosters built throughout the property, similar to what you would see in a shopping center, with Wifi Access points in each room for tenants to plug in directly. 

Each studio has semi-self-contained inclusions:

  • A kitchenette with rangehood, sink, etc.
  • A full ensuite bathroom.
  • Lounge and sitting area
  • Robes and storage
  • Split system reverse cycle air conditioners and ceiling fans.

The structure of the property itself has been specifically designed and also includes the following:

  • Acoustic Wall batts between each of the walls between bedrooms and bathrooms,
  • Acoustic Wall batts Between Floor Levels and Ceilings.
  • Two 250 litre hot water cylinders
  • Acoustic doors.
  • Solar panels are provided as an option.

The designs have been specifically designed to minimize the noise flow between the micro apartments and maximize privacy. 

We have specialist groups that provide furniture packages for our micro-apartment projects. This ensures that a tenant can move in and have everything they require. 

We use a higher quality specification and inclusion for our builds which attracts a higher quality tenant and sets our micro apartments apart from any others on the market. 

Micro Apartment Brisbane Internal Image

Micro Apartment Brisbane Internal Image

Are Micro Apartments Attractive to Tenants?

There is a massive demand for micro-apartments in Brisbane. Most rooms are leased in a matter of days. So we instruct the property managers to start getting tenants ready before property handover so that our investors have income coming in as soon as their property is prepared. 

We target areas to build rooming houses where there is a current demand for single accommodation and where there isn’t currently a plentiful supply. In addition, we target areas with suitable employment, transportation, and amenities. 

We have found a significant demand from young professional tenants for this semi-self-contained product. Our property managers often have waiting lists of tenants ready to move into properties as they become available. 

Micro Apartment Brisbane Bedroom

Micro Apartment Brisbane Bedroom

Who Manages the Tenants for Micro Apartments

Specialist property managers manage Micro Apartments. Therefore, you must engage a property manager with skills and expertise in these dwellings. Furthermore, property management has a very important bearing on each micro apartment’s rent and investment yield. 

There are special leases for this type of dwelling, and each tenant signs onto a separate lease for their micro apartment.

Please send through an inquiry if you would like us to refer you to a specialist property manager. 

Which Builders build Micro Apartments in Brisbane

We build micro apartments for our clients and have been involved in many successful rooming houses. When you engage a builder to undertake a micro-apartment project, it’s really important that you deal with an experienced and knowledgeable builder. This type of build has more complexity and nuances, and engaging an inexperienced builder could be a very costly mistake. 

If you would like to speak with us further about a potential Rooming House build, please send through an inquiry, and one of our experienced consultants will come back to you. 

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