3 Incredible Reasons to Become a Rooming House Investor

Becoming a Rooming House Investor is taking the Property Investment Market by storm. Here are 3 reasons you should become a Rooming House Investor today!
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Invest in a Rooming House with new property australia

Rooming houses offer the opportunity to lease each lettable space separately. By doing this, high yields are achievable, and in some cases, 10% or better may be possible.

Whilst each habitable space is self-contained, under Rooming House legislation there is a requirement for a common area that includes 1 shared laundry, kitchen and living area which allows the higher returns to be achieved. This does vary from council to council. Rents achieved from this type of dwelling are far higher than letting a single house in the same location.


Rooming houses are managed by specialised and experienced Property Managers, who have each tenant sign a separate lease. Each lettable space is self-contained and includes an ensuite, small living area, kitchenette, and sometimes may have external access. The maintenance of the shared areas, plus the costs of water, electricity and Internet are the responsibility of the property owner. A Rooming House is a residential dwelling that is certified as class 1B, and specifically designed for separate tenancies. In Brisbane City Council Area, a Rooming House has a maximum of 5 lettable areas, with a maximum of 5 unrelated parties, and a total floor area no larger than 300m2.

What our Rooming House investor clients say...

New Property Investment of Anson Needham

"New Property Australia helped the build of my residence, taking the project from design through to completion of construction. They allowed me to supply input and were involved through every step of the process. The home was completed on time and within budget. I am incredibly happy with the result and am now living in my home. I am currently engaging with New Property Australia for the purchase of a second-high yielding property to add to my investment portfolio."

Anson Needam

New Property Investment of Yasoda Stephenson

"Living in Sydney I found the first home buyer market to be unaffordable. After going through the property investment advice process, I undertook the strategy of buying a high yielding investment property in QLD. New Property Australia helped the sourcing, designing and construction of my high yielding dual occupancy dwelling and kept me up to date through-out the whole process going above and beyond in terms of service. I would highly recommend New Property Australia if you are considering property investment."


New Property Investment Duplex House

"We have bought multiple investment properties through the New Property Australia. New Property Australia helped us in finding properties to suit our investment goals. They took us through the process of finding suitable blocks of land, packaging up the build, and engaging a high quality well priced builder. We are incredibly happy with the finished result and can highly recommend them."


Real Estate Property Investment of Gretchen Clarke

"Having worked in the finance industry since 2002 I developed a good knowledge of property investment. I was seeking a high yielding investment property in South East Queensland that would give me a positive cash-flow. New Property Australia were able to find and source a nice block of land in a good street close to key amenities, shopping, medical and employment. I have now had the property for 3 years and it has been performing exceptionally well. I would happily recommend New Property Australia to anyone looking for an investment property."


Dual Occupancy Property Investment of Julie Sutton

"We are living in Sydney with the view to moving back to Queensland in the future. We wanted to buy an investment property in QLD prior to making the move. New Property Australia helped us in sourcing a block of land in a leafy suburb where we could build a dual occupancy / auxiliary dwelling which would provide as with a positive cash-flow. They helped us to engage with a quality builder and design a unique dwelling to suite the block of land. We were incredibly pleased with the result and quickly found ideal tenants for the property. We would not hesitate to recommend New Property Australia."

Shane, Julie, and Tamika Sutton

Rooming House investment Properties are High Yielding

1. Get a high return on your property investment

Critical to any property investment is the delivery of a return on that investment. Rooming houses are uniquely strong as a type of property investment. Not only do they offer a high yield, but also Capital Growth. This is for multiple reasons:

  • Up to 5 separate rents for the one dwelling/block of land

  • For a low-density residential block this is the highest and best use of the land

  • Each room is completely independent and lockable

  • Risk mitigation by having separate leases. If one person moves out, there are still up to 4 rents coming in until a suitable replacement tenant is found.

  • Only one set of rates are payable for the property

  • It supplies affordable housing in locations where it may otherwise be unavailable

  • High depreciation due to the level of fixtures, fittings, and furniture etc

  • No Body Corporate fees

  • Supplies positive cash-flow and high rental yield to the investor

  • In many instances these properties are code assessable meaning they do not require any specialised development approval

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Rooming House investment Experts

New Property Australia is a values-led business. We practice what we preach and we want the best outcomes and experience for our staff and our customers.

New Property Australia is driven by customer experience, from the first moment a customer contacts us we are focused on excellence in customer experience.

Our customer experience approach inspires customers to trust and engage with opportunities with which we present them.

We uphold a customer experience charter, signed by all staff, that champions an innovative and energetic dialogue. We will always challenge our process and offering to drive the most compelling advice and support for our customers.

Rooming House

Rooming House

New Property Australia is focused on guiding property investors on whether a Rooming House is the right option. It can drive considerable return, but it’s not for everyone.

Property Type Details


Dual Occupancy is a property investment option that many of New Property Australia’s customers consider. Enquire today to find out if it is the option for you.

Property Type Details

Rooming Houses offer a large market opportunity

2. Choose a property investment that people want

There is massive demand for Rooming House rentals from young professionals. These means that Rooming House property investments have a very low risk of vacancy. 

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Banyo, Rooming House

In this New Property Australia Case Study A client was seeking their first investment and was looking for a high yielding property that would enable them to receive a positive cashflow.

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Rooming House investment case studies

New Property Australia helps investors of all shapes and sizes to consider all their options, get everything lined and then to make the most on their journey to property investment prosperity.

New Property Australia has been able to forge important relationships which enable the company to provide exceptional investment property options to our clients, working only with reputable and experienced builders and developers that we know will meet and exceed your expectations.


Rooming Houses deliver significant passive income

3. choose property investment that delivers reliable passive income

For many, the goal when considering property investment is to reduce their reliance on their active income. Rooming houses are a fantastic source of passive income. For many New Property Australia clients the goal with rooming houses is to buy a few of these and then retire and live off the income these property investments produce.

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